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People everywhere need to know they are living, visiting and working in places that are clean, safe and hygienic. Every day, our custom cleaning services keep people hygienically safe and your spaces spotless – offering smart technology, best-in-class products and expertly trained people to give you peace of mind.



Dr. CleanMan provides reliable, hassle-free and customized home cleaning and maintenance services.

We will work with you to develop a plan and schedule that is right for you – including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even a one-time cleaning. Let us take that stress off you, you deserve it!


Creating a clean, comfortable and healthy work environment for your employees and an atmosphere that will impress your customers and clients is what Dr. CleanMan is all about.
Our approach to cleaning is much more than taking a broom to a floor!
We will create a detailed system of services and schedule that will fit your needs without breaking your budget. From dusting to dumpster and floor care to window cleaning we will keep your facility looking
spotless – so you can shine!


Cleanliness is an important driver of customer satisfaction in hotels and resorts. A cleaned and well-kept guest room increases the likelihood that customers will choose your hotel again and recommend it to others.
The professionals at Dr. CleanMan have the training and experience to ensure your hotel or resort is properly cleaned to the highest standards.